About PHS Band Boosters

Supporting the mission and goals of PHS Bands


The Parkview Band Boosters Association, Inc. includes all parents of band, color guard and winter guard members, and others who are interested in promoting and furthering activities of the band. Grandparents, neighbors or other members of the community interested in furthering the arts through band performance may join in the activities sponsored by the Band Booster Association as long as their involvement reflects the philosophy of the Band Association.


  • To promote and facilitate the production of music by the PHS band for the edification and enjoyment of others.
  • To raise additional funds to supplement band fees to cover expenses of performances, travel, etc.
  • To provide support to the band director and assistant band director.
  • To facilitate communication between band director and band parents.
  • To coordinate auxiliary projects which will ease the tasks of the band director: provide water during marching practice, drinks during third quarter breaks at football games; chaperone band events; make phone calls and send email to inform of band events; and coordinate social events.
  • To assist in care, maintenance and distribution of marching uniforms.
  • To capture on film, for photos and video, activities of the band members to provide memories for band members.
  • To assist in transportation, set up and break down of pit equipment during performances.


All members can visit and read our Bylaws here.

We Need You!

The Band Booster Association provides crucial financial and other assistance to the band. While the Gwinnett County School system provides some financial support to the band program, the full support of the Band Booster Association is needed to maintain the caliber of program that we have come to expect. As a parent or guardian of a band student, you are automatically a member of the Band Booster Association, and we encourage your active participation. Even if your time is limited, there are numerous ways in which you can help make the Parkview Band Program better. Your talents and abilities are needed. There are plenty of projects for everyone who wants to be involved. The more involved you are, the more you experience the benefits that your student enjoys as part of the band. Don’t wait to be asked: volunteer where you see you are needed. If you want to be involved but don’t see a job to be done, ask for ideas, there are plenty to go around.

See Volunteer Opportunities

Parents’ Responsibility

It is the responsibility of every band parent and guardian to see that the policies outlined in the Band Handbook are followed. Parents’ responsibility also includes encouraging their children to practice daily: on instruments or flag routines. Parents are also responsible to support their students’ band activities. The band directors need the help and encouragement of ALL band parents. Please attend football games and sit next to the band whether you are an “official” chaperone or not. Parents sitting between the band and other spectators provide a barrier to help protect our students’ belongings, and offer the opportunity to know other students and parents in the band. But even more importantly, it shows our love and support for our Marching Panthers.

Be There

You are highly encouraged to attend band performances at competitions, football games, basketball games and concerts. You’ll enjoy and appreciate the performance of your student and the band. They may be ‘almost grown’ and think they don’t need their parents around, but they still want their parent’s interest and approval. Even if your student says they don’t necessarily want you there, come anyway—just give them some space. There are many other students who will recognize and appreciate your interest. In the future, they’ll look back and appreciate your presence.

Competitions generally represent the band performing at their best, and are performances you won’t want to miss!

Parkview Band Booster Association is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.