Trickum Middle School Band

8th Grade/Rising 9th Grade Parkview High School Band Students

Trickum Middle School Band Christmas Concert
Trickum Middle School Band students at the annual holiday concert.

Band is fun, and a great way to make friends and lasting relationships!

Welcome Trickum 8th Grade students! We are excited to have you join our band family next year. This information will help you as you transition into high school band.

This site is updated frequently with all information handed out during band class. Feel free to download and print any of the flyers and applications. All documents will be sent home with students as well.

2022-2023 Marching Band

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Parkview Band FAQ

Which Band class do I take?
All 9th grade students (including percussion) will sign up for “INT BAND” on their 9th grade registration form. There will be an audition to place students into the proper band. Percussion students will be moved to our percussion class before fall semester starts.

Is Marching Band a class?
Yes and no. Marching band is “co-curricular” which means that out of class rehearsals as stipulated in the syllabus will factor into the student’s grade. We also work on marching music in concert class as a fulfillment of the co-curricular status. Marching band will not appear on your class roster as it is an extension of “concert band.”

Do I have to participate in Marching Band?
It is expected to do marching band in high school but not required. With that said, most students do marching band and marching band is an incredible experience for both parents and students. We cannot stress enough the benefits of Marching Band! The experience is well worth the time and money commitments—and it’s a lot of fun!

Is Marching Band a sport? Is it athletic?
It is very athletic! We consider marching band to be as physically difficult as many other sports on campus. We push our students to be physically and mentally active during the season. Students must pass a school physical in order to participate. Summer conditioning will be pushed so that new students are physically ready for summer camps.

What are the costs associated with being in the Parkview Band?
Click here to be taken to the Marching Band FAQ page

Why is Marching Band expensive?
Gwinnett County, the State of Georgia, and Parkview High School do not fund marching band and because of this 99% of funding for marching band must be raised by the Parkview Band Booster Association. Student yearly band payments constitute 60% of our annual budget. Everything we do in Marching Band costs money and that money must come from somewhere. Paying your yearly band payments is the only reason we are able to have a large and successful band program. Click HERE to read the financial FAQ

Do you have financial assistance available for Marching Band?
Yes and no. We do not have direct financial assistance available but we offer a variety of payment plans (see this link). In addition, we offer several fundraisers throughout the year where money will go directly back to you to help offset the cost of marching band.

When does the Marching Band Practice?
See the marching band information page.

When are Band Camps?
Band camps for some individuals start the middle of July. See Marching Band Information for information and dates for Band Camp.

Do you have to attend summer band camps to be in the PHS Marching Band?
Yes. Plan accordingly now.

When does the Marching Band Perform?
We perform at all Parkview High School football games at halftime and in the stands throughout the game. Typically, we also travel to two or three competitions and one or two exhibitions each year. Additional performances such as playing at a professional sports venue, etc… are scheduled on a year-by-year basis.

What about Drum Line and Colorguard?
These are valuable components of the marching band, and they require a bit more time and preparation. Auditions for Drum Line and Color Guard are in April and May. Colorguard members do not have to be enrolled in class. For 2020, we will be hosting auditions in July when we are able to return in person.

What does the PHS Band do during Spring Semester?
Each concert class (and percussion) prepares for the state Large Group Performance Evaluation in March and a spring concert in May. We have a jazz band that rehearses one or two times a week during the spring semester. We also offer multiple opportunities for students to perform in chamber ensembles such as our spring Solo and Ensemble concert. Additionally, students can choose to try out for district and state bands, UGA Honor Bands, or play in other extracurricular ensembles such as the Metropolitan Atlanta Youth Wind Ensemble (MAYWE), Atlanta Youth Wind Symphony (AYWS), etc.

How do I sign up?
You should sign up for “concert band/INT BAND” when 9th grade registration starts. Marching band signups and information will be made available in late April. Students who wish to secure their spot in marching band will be required to fill out an application and submit a $100 deposit (payable toward student accounts) to hold their “spot.” Families experiencing financial hardship should contact a director at their convenience.

What are common myths regarding 9th grade band registration?

  • Myth 1: Foreign language must be taken as a 9th grader.
  • Myth 2: You must take AP Human Geography if you are a top student.
  • Myth 3: HS will be really hard, and you won’t have time for Band.
  • Myth 4: You have to take Health/PE during the school year as a freshman
  • Myth 5: Junior Achievement is required and can help you get into college.
  • Truth 1: 2 years of foreign language is required for most colleges (many students start their junior year). 3 years is preferred for admission into tougher universities.
  • Truth 2: AP Human Geo is a good class only for students who are serious about their AP studies in high school. It is not required nor does it affect the core social studies classes still required 10th-12th grade. You do NOT need AP Human Geo to get into college. Do not be fooled!
  • Truth 3: High school is hard. Band (marching band) is what makes high school tolerable. The monotony of academics is tough and the family and social aspect of band allows for much improved mental/social health.
  • Truth 4: Summer Health/PE is offered at PHS and online. The cost is around $500 but it frees up many slots in your schedule. We can also make exceptions for students to not take health/pe the 9th grade year if there is a conflict. If this is the case, you will take it before graduation.
  • Truth 5: JA can be a valuable resource for some students but it is not for everyone. We highly recommend discussing your options with a director before committing to the program.

Can I do band and not do marching band? Yes, we do have a few students per class who do not do marching band. We do have a much higher rate of attrition for students who do not do marching band.