Parkview High School Visitors

Parkview High School
998 Cole Dr SW
Lilburn, GA 30047

Visiting Bands’ Information–Parkview Football Games

GPS directions are accurate to the school. When you approach the school, please have your buses and trucks turn into the entrance with the digital sign. Your truck(s)/trailer(s) will be directed by the parking staff to a parking location in the stadium lot. Band buses will be directed to drop off by the gated entrance to the stadium near the visiting concession stand. Bands will have a small area in the parking lot to exit the bus before walking inside the stadium. The trailer location will be next to where the bus drops you off. Buses will then relocate to the bus loop for the remainder of the game.

If your band is bringing an 18 wheel semi-trailer truck, you will not use the entrance with the digital sign but instead drop off students and park buses/semi in the bus loop. Please contact a director ASAP to arrange in advance if you are bringing this type of trailer.

Click HERE for a map to help you get here!

When you march into the stadium, please enter the double gate under the sponsor-board and our parents will welcome you into the stadium. We suggest marching down the track to the opposite side of the stadium where you will find a gate to enter the stands near the blue topped building. If you are arriving late, you should walk behind the visitor stands to the opposite side of the stadium and enter from the rear. A section of the visitor stands will be roped off for you. Restrooms are available in the blue topped building near your seating area.

Visiting bands will warmup in the endzone under the scoreboard. Visiting bands will perform 1st and the Parkview Band will perform second. Each band is allowed 10 minutes to complete their show. Please be good stewards of this 10 minute limit so that all students have the full time to perform.

Parkview Band Booster Association will provide coolers filled with water for your bands. A parent representative will check in with your band but always feel free to go to our concession stand with any needs.

Hot food, snacks, and beverages are available throughout the game, during halftime, and during 3rd quarter break at the Band Concession Stand located just to the left of the visitor stands (as you’re facing the field). For your band’s convenience, pre-ordering halftime meals is highly recommended.

Each band member will receive a free bottle of water (4oz) or Powerade during 3rd quarter. You will find these bottles at a table adjacent to our concession stand. If your band pre-ordered meals, you will find these meals on a table under the visiting bleachers. Food items will be individually wrapped in trays. Your parents will be responsible for sorting and passing out pre-order food items!

Vendors on Campus During School Hours

Parkview Bands does not allow unsolicited visits from area vendors. All visitors must be prior approved before arriving on campus. If you or your company would like to visit us during business hours, please drop a line to a director to arrange for a time to visit.

Vendors who have pre-arranged permission should park in the front of the school in a parking spot labeled “visitor”. Report to the Parkview Main Office which is located right behind the bus loop. After obtaining a visitor’s pass, you will be escorted to our office.

University Visits

We welcome visits from professors, teachers, and staff members from our local colleges and universities. Please arrange a time by contacting a director at your convenience.