Marching Band Information

Updated 4/12/22. Please check back for updated times and other information.


  1. Rookie camp and band camp are required for all new marchers!
  2. See below for band financial and enrollment information.
  • Band Camp Phase 1
    July 11 and July 12 — Rookies, Leadership, Guard and Percussion
    8am – 4pm
  • Band Camp Phase 2
    July 13-15 — All Members
    8am – 5pm
  • Band Camp Phase 3
    July 18-22 — All Members
    8am – 5pm
  • Camp Days
    July 26 and July 28
    8am – 5pm
  • Fall Rehearsal Dates
    Tuesdays and Thursdays
    5pm – 8pm
  • Other Fall Dates
    • Friday Night Games: Away and Home
    • Friends and Family Super Saturday: September 24
    • 3 Competitions: October 1, October 15, October 29
    • One Exhibition (Date/Time TBA)

Financial Commitment

The Parkview Band Boosters provides the main funding source for the PHS Band. An incredible amount of money is needed to operate a large successful program. The expected annual financial contribution is as follows:

  • Concert Only (people who are not in marching band) $100
  • Marching Band Members
    • Winds and Percussion: $650
    • Color Guard: $700

Each family is expected to pay this amount each year. The Band Boosters offer many fundraising opportunities throughout the year to help students and parents meet this obligation. If your family is experiencing a temporary financial hardship, please contact a director at your convenience so we can craft an individualized plan that will allow you to make payments that fit your budget.

Marching Band Fees Breakdown

  • Band Camp Meals: $35
  • Equipment Maintenance: $20
  • Marching Shoes and Gloves: $45 (fee does not apply to returning members)
  • Uniform Materials: $50
  • Band Instructional Fees: $200
  • Band Participation Fee: $300

Optional Expenses

  • GCPS Instrument Rental Fee $30 (half year) $60 (full year) – paid through MPP
  • Lyre and Flip Folder $12 (This fee can be waived if you already own one)
  • Percussion Fee $75 – fee for all percussionists to the program

Payment Plans

Four standard payment plan options are available including:

  • Pay in full by July 1st
  • 4 month payment plan (July, Aug, Sep, Oct)
  • 8 month payment plan (July–Feb)
  • 11 month payment plan (July–June)

Attendance Commitment

All dates are required for the entirety of the season. We have very strict attendance policies which help to keep the quality of our band and performances at a high level. Students must attend all dates listed above, regardless of circumstance. A complete copy of our attendance policies will be handed out after enrollment in the program.


Our registration night is April 28th 2022 from 6–9pm in our cafeteria. At the registration event, we will have a packet of information for parents and students to fill out and turn in at registration. At registration a $100 non-refundable deposit is due to reserve a spot in the marching band.